Not only is the LSUS experience unique, but it’s tailored to your goals. You’ll work hard in the classroom and reap the benefits of doing so. From internships to research to networking opportunities, your time at LSUS will help you step into your career with confidence.

LSUS Pilots are leaders, influencers and hard workers. They’re working in every corner of the world, eager to start their careers and make a difference. They’re that familiar face down the hall and the connection you need to land that internship, your best friend and your trusted mentor. We think you’ll fit right in here.

LSUS majors and minors are programs of recognized distinction, with the ability to tailor to your situation. LSUS also has one of the highest percentages of faculty with terminal degrees (82%). 

Neither LSUS or Shreveport are too big or too small. Here, you’ll find a tight-knit campus community with a world of opportunities and connections. 

Every year, more than $12.4 million in scholarship money is awarded to LSUS students, making LSUS a top educational value in the region. You can add any TOPS, federal funding, or private scholarships to your LSUS award. 

Our Tradition

Northwest Louisiana has been home to Louisiana State University Shreveport since 1967. Despite its humble beginnings, LSUS has become an established higher ed frontrunner, touting award-winning National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics teams, a top-notch intercollegiate debate team, a list of faculty members with extensive research patents and recognition as the fastest growing higher education institution in Louisiana. 

LSUS Pilots are winners, on and off the field and both inside and outside of the classroom. We are tenacious, future-focused and dedicated to excellence. We are anchored steadfastly in the Shreveport community but provide pathways for our students to go wherever they want, connecting them with tools, resources and an extensive alumni network to assist them in reaching their greatest heights. We are LSUS. 

20 million+
in grants
in the last 5 years
student-to-faculty ratio
The lowest student-to-faculty ratio of any public university in Louisiana
of graduates reported full-time employment,
grad school enrollment, or engagement in the military or volunteer services
Life After LSUS

Time-after-time, you’ll hear LSUS alumni saying things like, “LSUS gave me the tools that I needed to be successful,” “Faculty members are eager to help and passionate about teaching,” and “My education provided a solid foundation for my career.”

Our alumni are living proof that the assignments, tests and networking events are all worth it. They’ve gone on to become marketing designers, directors of nonprofits, engineers and VPs. They’re attorneys, clinical cardiologists, authors and police officers. They’re business owners, oncologists and professors.

For more than 50 years, LSUS graduates have gone on to become successful in their careers, and so can you.


of reporting grads are employed or volunteering full-time, members of the military or are enrolled in grad school.